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Woman On Fire Ministry is the women’s guild of the Enlightened Christian Gathering International Church. It was founded by Prophetess Mary Bushiri in 2012 and, currently, it has spread across the globe. Woman On Fire Ministry is one of the powerful arms of Enlightened Christian Gathering aiming at enhancing the vision and the mission of the Church and also to push the mandates that God reveals to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the spiritual father of ECG Church. Woman On Fire has the mandate to make sure that women are taught to be on fire for Jesus through the acts of love, unity, reaching out, commitment to the work of God, families, communities and the world. Woman On fire, currently, has a membership of over 20 million spread in 42 countries across the world.


‘Woman on Fire’ is the ministry specifically for women of ECG internationally. It is the official women’s ministry of ECG International, founded to meet the needs of women in the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church globally. Prophetess Mary Bushiri has a passion for women to see them excel globally in life by discovering their divine purpose.


The mission of Woman On Fire’s Mission is to enhance, support and advance the vision of ECG Church through taking the gospel to all women across the globe.


The vision of Woman On Fire vision is to ensure that God’s Kingdom invades the earth and the will of God is being done.


  • Woman On Fire moulds women to discover their calling and live their God-given purpose.
  • Woman On Fire trains women to become spiritual giants in faith through prayer and mastering the art of embracing the word of God and making it as a standard of their living.
  • Woman On Fire helps women to be the carriers of the gospel to other women and girls globally regardless of their denominations.
  • Woman On Fire builds women to be good and faithful stewards of God in the church.
  • Woman on Fire empowers women to be self-reliant by strengthening their financial muscle of the gospel.
  • Woman on Fire encourages women globally to be hospitable and caring by making sure that they are responsible and bring solutions and answers to this world by taking care of orphans, widows/widowers, the less privileged in their places of assignment.
  • Woman on Fire counsels the youth by making sure that they take the right paths to their God-given destinies to avoid the youth getting wrong counsel from that can eventually lead them to miss their God-given destinies.
  • Woman on Fire encourages its members to be the light of the world.


The vision of Woman On Fire vision is to ensure that God’s Kingdom invades the earth and the will of God is being done.

  • Impactful prayer sessions with Prophetess Mary Bushiri, the one who spearheads the movement.
  • Woman on fire annual, quarterly and monthly online and physical conferences and services at different levels, Globally, Nationally, Regionally, Branch and Home cells.
  • Reaching out through the hand of love to the orphans, widows/widowers, less privileged in various communities across the globe
  • Empowering Women through business summits
  • Counselling sessions for Women who are in ministry
  • General Counselling for Women in marriage, Relationships and families.
  • Promotes Fund raising activities to make sure Woman on Fire functions at its level best.
  • Prayer and Fasting Sessions Nationally and Globally.


Here is how to go about it:

  • Must be a full member of Enlightened Christian Gathering and faithful ordained steward and also disciple of the church.
  • Submission and loyalty to the vision of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri, our spiritual leaders, is a must.
  • Must be a regular attendee of all the church programs and full committed to the work of God.
  • Must be women who have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.
  • Must be well-disciplined.
  • Must be registered with the secretariat of Woman On Fire Ministry and with a renewal of their membership annually.
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