After receiving a touch from God in ECG Johannesburg Prophet Hara Graced ECG Midrand with a power packed service. ECG midrand under the leadership of Evangelist Fritz welcomed the associate to our father with so much warmth, and excitement. Multitudes came to hear THE REASON and see the power of God manifest in THE RISE OF THE JESUS NATION SUNDAY service .

Nothing under the sun happens in vain. There is a reason for every thing that happens in our lives and we don’t have to try and search for reasons, the only thing we have to do is to look for God because He is the one with all the reasons for all our seasons.

When a prophet is in a country it simply means there is going to be a tremendous change as there are changes in seasons. It is of paramount importance for you as a believer to know that your current season has a reason and God is changing your dry season to a fruitful season.

There are certain things that will happen in your life and you might not even have a clue as to why are they happening, but be rest assured THERE IS A REASON. The questions you have are the questions that only God can answer. The reason is only known by God and all we can do is to trust God fully in and out of season. God is changing your story for the better.

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