Ph.D. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri aka Major 1 introduced stewardship programs in 2015 as a mandate from God in order to prepare and train his sons and daughters in the house of leadership.

Stewardship is one of the six prophetic offices in the fivefold prophetic ministries. These offices are for Prophetic Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as mentioned in the book of Ephesians 4:11.Outside these offices of the fivefold ministries are the ministries of helps in the house of leadership called stewards.

Stewardship is about being a custodian of master’s precious possessions and the master wants them safe and multiplied. It is about understanding the depth of responsibility, accountability, expectations of integrity and faithfulness. (John 15:16). Major 1’s anointing attract thousands and millions of people around the Universe and the house of leadership or Stewardship is to keep and look after these people.

Stewardship programs are practical trainings which are very crucial and relevant to the lives of the stewards. Stewardship is to raise leadership for ECG Church through training and reading Prophetic Prayer Manuals Volume 1 – 4. This is where ordinary members of the church are raised to be stewards or leaders who become sons and daughters of Major 1.

After ordinations, stewards receive impartations and anointing upon their lives. Stewards are then grouped into 12 spiritual tribes of Israel as the direct instructions given to Major 1 by God Himself as a gift to a Prophet.
Stewards are called to put order and organize the house of leadership at ECG Church for Major 1. This is the place for transformations, renewing of minds and rests for leaders in their spiritual journey into salvation and redemption with God of Major 1—Jesus Christ.


1. Taking care of our Masters goods
2. Ownership
3. Accountability
4. Faithfulness and
5. Reward


The mission of stewardship is to bring God’s Kingdom to His people


In the first place, you need to visit any ECG Church branch and express your interest to join stewardship to the resident pastor or any leader available. You will be required to complete stewardship manuals volume 1, 2, 3, 4 and pass all steward examination with a minimum 50 percent for you to be eligible for ordination to become ECG stewards.
Furthermore, the completion of the stewardship program is followed by ordination whereby Prophet Shepherd Bushiri or his representative prays and ordains you as a steward.

Stewardship is important in ECG church because this the avenue where members exercises their different God given gift to serve the Lord.

According to 2019-2020 Census we have almost 37 000 stewards across the globe.
The 2021 stewardship census will be conducted soon by end of May 2021.

After becoming a steward by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you are allocated to serve God in the following departments which are called Tribes.


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