iron mens ministry


Iron Man is the men’s ministry of the Enlightened Christian Gathering International Church. In simple terms, it is the Men’s Guild of ECG church.


Our vision is to have the world’s largest network of men with deep knowledge required to win souls of more men to Jesus Christ and also address all spiritual matters affecting men.


Men’s Ministry has proven to be on the forefront of many revolutionary changes, delivering lifesaving methods which are biblical.


To build a global platform where men can grow from strength to strength in biblical understanding, living lives as men of God who walk in revelation.


On this, the focus is entirely based on spiritual matters of men. This is a dynamic and vital ministry which focuses on assisting Christian men to be all that God designed them to be.
Using the scriptures, Men’s Ministry will create strong bonds of brotherhood and a better understanding of our roles as biblical men.
IRONMAN LIFE will build stronger relationships with Jesus and other Christian men. Our purpose will be to strengthen our walk with God, the leadership of our homes and the impact of our church.


On this platform, the focus is to support various men around the world regarding business issues.
IRONMAN BUSINESS will presents a collective voices of Christian entrepreneurs within the church who operates in different sectors. It will bring a dynamic story of a new breed of Christian men who are ready to build business under biblical instructions.
Guided by biblical business ethics, this platform seeks to be more effective, educating and informing Christian men how to operate business in today’s world.
Our purpose is to give Christan-preneurs unique learning experience, mentorship opportunities and access to resources which can enable them to build a successful global business and be a good steward of the wealthy they create as a result supporting the Kingdom of God.


Here is how to go about it:
1. Must be a full member of Enlightened Christian Gathering and faithful ordained steward and also disciple of the church.
2. Submission and loyalty to the vision of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
3. Must be a regular attendee of all the church programs and full committed to the work of God.
4. Must be a man who have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour.
5. Must be well-disciplined.

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