ECG RSA celebrating the life of Saint Ella

As ECG RSA we are celebrating the life of Saint Ella,the gift our parents Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri gave us.To God be the Glory for giving us Saint Ella to impact our lives, she obeyed God and served God with honour at a very young age. We would like to appreciate all the pastors who came to celebrate the life of Saint Ella and to breakthrough with us to the promise land.

Breakthrough is the ability to achieve success even though there are difficulties and obstacles. It is an act of passing through barriers. Having received the power of the cross that makes preservation of the things that are in you, things that were meant to decay but God makes them to be preserved.

Isaac was a son of Abraham according to the promise that God made, what about Ishmael?, was he not Abraham’s son too?, he was but not according to the promise of God. Isaac was a fulfilment of the promise God made to Abraham. Abraham had his seasons where those around him had unbelief as to was God going to fulfil the promises he made in the book of Genesis 26:1-5 or not, but he did not relent, he did not forget the promises of God and his faith did not stagger. He might have been in the most unfavourable situations but He kept the faith. You might have given up on the Promises of God concerning your life because things have not gone the way you expected but this is a message of reassurance that God has not forgotten you. The book of Hebrews 16: 18 says God can’t break his word. And because his word cannot change, the promise is likewise unchangeable.

There was time there was famine in the land of Israel and this had also happened before the time of Abraham. Famine refers to lack of resources for livelihood. We have experienced famine in our lives and we have lived in the times where the enemy was trying to mock us. There were times you used to see that you are about to enter the gate and suddenly the gate is closed but I have come to announce the breakthrough you have been waiting for.

There are things that were supposed to decay but because they were kept in the ark of the covenant they did not decay because they were kept in the ark of the covenant which was made out of the akasia tree. The promises of God do not expire, the same God who fulfilled his promises to Abraham will do it for you today. It does not matter who has closed the doors on you, it does not matter who said you will not amount to anything, this is the day of your breakthrough. Your past does not determine whether you’re going to breakthrough or not. The grace and the mercies of God are going to enable you to breakthrough to the promise land.

We pray for the church denominations in South Africa, we pray for the love of God in his Churches in South Africa. May God heal our land. God bless South Africa, God bless the leadership of South Africa.

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